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Measurable, trackable, ongoing.
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Easy, Integrated Training

Your employees will receive an email weekly directly into their work inbox. It's as simple as that! No need to take staff out of work for training seminars, or get them to log into a separate learning portal.

Measurable and Trackable

As a manager you can log into your company's dashboard. This lets you measure the success rate of the training, find weaknesses in staff knowledge and even compare your company's scores with others using the system.

CPD Accredited

We are a fully CPD accredited training provider.

Feedback Included

Every email ends with a multiple-choice question to test trainees' understanding. Incorrect answers are followed up with a second email containing further advice.

Prepared For Real Situations

Every email captures a real-world risk scenario your staff may face. Your staff will be familiar with all common IT security risks, the correct way to react, and the consequences of the alternative.

Onboarding, or Ongoing

Sign up new joiners as part of their induction or onboarding. Existing staff should also be encouraged to sign up too. Everyone starts at the beginning of the course, regardless of when they join.

Management responsibilities should include ensuring that employees and
contractors achieve a level of awareness on information security relevant
to their roles and responsibilities within the organisation.
ISO 27002:2013 (7.2.1d)