Benefits of SecuritySmart

Most businesses recognise the importance of training their staff in IT security awareness, however conventional training has a number of drawbacks: there is no tangible way to measure success, the classes are overwhelming, and pulling staff out of the office takes time and interrupts work flow. SecuritySmart, however, tackles all of these problems head-on.

SecuritySmart is Measurable

With SecuritySmart it's easy to check both ROI and success. As a manager, you will always have access to your company's analytics dashboard. From there you can access information on how well your employees are performing in the multiple-choice questions both as a whole and at an individual level - including whether they have opened their emails or not, whether they have answered their questions, and whether they got the answers right. As all questions are categorised you can also see in which area of security awareness there is, if any, a gap of knowledge.

We Are Learning-Oriented

SecuritySmart is a new breed of training. We prefer to call it learning. Our training content is delivered by email, directly into your staff's work inbox, as bite-sized tips that end in a multiple-choice question. There are three key learning benefits to this approach.

Firstly, a tip a week won't overwhelm your staff in the same way a one-off seminar, or some other intensive learning course, will. This means that far more of the information will be retained by trainees.

Secondly, it is delivered straight to everyone's work email so you don't need to take your staff out of the office or away from work, meaning more time for everyone.

Finally, a short multiple-choice question ensures that trainees are not only receiving information, but applying the knowledge themselves. Testing is key in ensuring learning, and any incorrect answers are followed up with further advice to help patch up any gaps in knowledge.

We Use Real Life Examples

SecuritySmart teaches not just the how, but also the why. Our training content is largely scenario-based, and explains the consequences of not taking security seriously.