Our lessons, analytics and content

Our system currently contains more than 100 lessons, and these are being revised and updated regularly. Among the topics we cover are:

  • Choosing a strong password, and why it matters.
  • How to recognise a fake virus infection popup
  • How searching online for tech support numbers could lead to scam sites
  • Smishing and bogus SMS messages
  • Recognising and dealing with a possible CEO Fraud attempt
  • Typosquatting, and how a URL might not be all that it seems
  • The dangers of mistaking cc: and bcc: when sending emails
  • Why Windows's default behaviour of hiding file extensions is dangerous
  • How and why to add a passcode to a phone or tablet
  • The benefit of reporting any suspicions sooner rather than later
  • Not leaving confidential information on meeting-room flipcharts
  • How to take care of an ID token
  • Why it's best not to wear your ID pass during your commute to work

Training Content

Our fully responsive lesson template is professionally designed to be easy to read on desktop, laptop and mobile. It's been tested on more than 30 email systems including Outlook, Office365 and Google Mail.

You can see an example lesson here.

There is another one here.


Every lesson ends with a multiple choice question, and we track the answers submitted so that you can get a constant impression of how well the training is working for you.